Sunday, June 22, 2014

Long Lasting Lipstick

Outside of blogging, I have a regular ol' 9-5 job.  Between traveling to and from work, my makeup always gets quite the wear test, especially in the humid summer months.  If I'm wearing a mostly neutral lip, re-touching throughout the day is a no brainer.  But if I decide to wear a bolder lip, I like to take a little extra care to make sure my color doesn't migrate around my face throughout the day (not an attractive look) and, worse, to avoid the dreaded lip line around the perimeter.  

Here's a quick video (yes, a VIDEO!  my first) I whipped up (let's be honest, I spent hours on this) full of my favorite quick tips.  Listen for my Chicago accent in all its glory.  Hope you enjoy!  

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  1. I hate it too when I wear red and after some time I get that scary lip line left only!!