Sunday, October 26, 2014

Milani Bella Gel Powder Eyeshadow

milani eyeshadow swatches
I'm generally not one for drugstore eyeshadows (Maybelline Color Tattoos aside).  I swear I'm not snooty, I've just never really been super impressed with the ones I've tried.  Of course, there are always exceptions and I've got my share of Wet N' Wild palettes and a few L'Oreal Infallible shadows but they're just not ones I reach for on a daily basis.  When it comes to eyeshadows, my (not so) secret pleasure is nice "high-end" palettes.  I love the packaging (<<< sucker) and I love the built-in color "guides."  I find creating eye looks easier when working from a palette because the palette does half the work for you.  And, yes, you're likely to plunk down some serious moolah but nice palettes last ffoorreevverrr.  Like, years.  I consider it money well spent.  

And then along comes Milani Bella Gel Eyeshadows.  Well dang.  Is my face red?  

Milani Eyeshadow
Milani is a bit of an underdog in the beauty world.  It gets some love here and there but I don't hear it mentioned nearly as much as the standard brands like Revlon and L'Oreal.  And yet, I'm consistently impressed with Miani products.  I've got blushes, lipsticks, glosses and eyeshadows - all fantastic.  

Which brings me to these Bella Gel Eyeshadows.  At $4 a pop (and a crazy huge color selection), these are some serious contenders for my top eyeshadow picks at the moment.  Naturally, I chose a variety of neutral shades (never cease to surprise you, do I?) and I've created a bit of a mini-palette of my own.  

Before we talk shades though, let's talk texture.  The name "Gel Eyeshadow" threw me for a loop.  I expected something a bit more.... wet?  They feel like a normal dry shadow to me but these babies are just begging to be worn wet.  A little MAC Fix + and a shimmery shade?  Luuuhhhvley.  Of course, they wear dry well too but it's nice to have options.  

Ok, now for swatch-a-roonies.  
Milani Eyeshadow Swatches
1.  Bella Bronze- In the pan, this shade has a slightly more red-ish undertone and I liked the idea of having a shimmery brick red tone in my stash but on the lids, it's more of a true bronze.  

2.  Bella Chiffon- A light yellowy gold shimmer that just wakes up the eyes.  This is easily "everyday shade" status and I love it for inner-corner highlighting or just tapped lightly on the center of the lid.  

3.  Bella Taupe- I loovveeee me a taupe these days.  This is a great cool-toned deep brown that I love for darkening the "outer v" of the eye.  The swatch looks deeply pigmented but it's easy to go light on this and then build the color.  Of all my shades though, this one has the most tendency to be just a hair patchy sometimes.  

4.  Bella Sand- This is a great "my eyelids but better" shade.  It's a goldeny tone with a slight shimmer that just makes my eye pop a bit when I'm going for a more natural look.  

5.  Bella Cappuccino- This is certainly a contender for my favorite shade of the bunch.  It's a light warm matte/satin brown that I use as a crease shade or all over my lid for a very very subtle daytime smokey eye.  It's just one of those shades that works.  

Have you tried the Milani Bella Gel Eyeshadows?  What are your favorite shades?

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  1. love this! I'm going to buy some of those eyeshadows. thank you for helping me pick which colour looks great!

  2. OMG! I am obsessed with the Milani brand. I just started to use there lipsticks & I fell in love with them. I'm now excited to try out the eye shadows. Thank you

  3. Where do we order them from?

  4. Where can these brand be found?

  5. Where can these brand be found?

    1. I think Walmart carries this line.

  6. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and others around you.

  7. Thanks for the tip. I wish they were still $4. Dang.