Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I'm the one in green velvet.

1.  There are SO many good Christmas photos that is was hard to settle on just one.  Mostly they're all so 90's fabulous.  I had a perm one year.  So yes, you could say I was very stylish.

2.  To someone unacquainted with my family, this photo may not make any sense because what is even going on there?  We're dressed up, standing on brown carpet with blue sheets draped in the back.  What is it even supposed to be?  Well if you guessed a "DIY-mock-JC Penny-style portrait taken in our living room," you would be correct.  Aaaannnnd I'm not sure we're fooling anyone.

3.  There's a strip of masking tape running up the forefront of the picture (which I guess my mom didn't realize was in the shot?) that was the guideline for where we were allowed to sit in front of the TV.  Nothing closer than the masking tape.  It isn't good for your eyes to be that close to a screen!  Meanwhile, I now spend 12 hours a day on a computer or iPhone.

4.  I also took that masking tape guideline VERY literally and thought that I had to sit exactly on the tape.  There was no room for interpretation.  So as the tape would wear away over time, my sister and I would attempt to fit ourselves on 4 inches of tape.

5.  This is photo 9,746,363 of my sister and I dressed like twins.  It's the Christmas edition.

6.  Do you think I could pull off that haircut now?

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