Monday, November 12, 2012

November Photo a Day Recap

Staring top right and working clockwise

11/5: 5 o'clock:  This is exactly what 5 o'clock looks like.  Well sometimes it still looks like my work desk.  But on this Monday, I was already on my way to the bus with a view of the Hancock.  

11/6 A Favorite Thing:  Book three of Game of Thrones.  Duh.  It's a major favorite thing.  So.many.things have happened in this book.  I can't even, guys.  I encourage you to join me in my obsession.  

11/7 Reflection:  This is what I call Jammie Time.  It's when I get home from work and immediately put pajamas on.  And I do mean immediately.  Am I the only one who does this?  Because in my opinion, nothing is as comforting as being completely swallowed in XXL pajama pants and a T shirt.  Except maybe a "bedtime bun."  That's a story for another time though.     

11/8 Something I do every day: Was this one a bit too obvious?  Aside from sleeping and eating, this is one of the only things I do literally every day.  Sadly, it seems to make no difference because according to my dentist, I need some extensive work done.  This is why I don't make regular dental appointments people! Only bad news results.  While we're on the topic, anyone wanna donate to my dental fund?  

11/9 Small:  No big deal, it's just MY UKELELE.  So full disclosure, I just got it, I don't know how to tune it and I certainly don't know how to play it.  But it's probably my ticket to stardom?  

 11/10: Can't Live Without: So this is a snapshot of mascara, chapstick and BB cream.  And the moment I took this picture for my "can't live without" category I realized what a terrible human being I am.  Any other person with a heart may have taken a picture of family, friends, pets, kids.  What was my reaction?  Makeup.  What does this say about my priorities?  I need to examine my life!  Thank goodness I didn't take a picture of butter though.  What would that have said about me?     

I'm excited to see what next week's challenge holds because if I had to guess, I'd say pajamas and Game of Thrones and makeup is about as exciting as my life gets right now.  This is what glamour looks like everyone!       

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