Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Weekly Manicure #1: Formula X Brain Power

Incredibly natural hand pose

I thought it would be fun to do a super casual (i.e. pics taken with my iPhone) manicure post each week since I'm always painting my nails and I rarely use the same colors too frequently.  And cuz I wanna, ok?  

This week's manicure is Formula X's Brain Power.  When I saw it in Sephora I was immediately drawn to it because it's a color that is either hideous or perfect.  I can't decide.  I like colors like that.  It's not quite a nude because it's distinctly brown.  It's too much "color" for a nude.  It's a warm camel-y brown that's just dark enough to not look like my own skin.  And the Formula X formulas are amazing, to boot.  Thick but smooth and crazy opaque.  Brain Power is a quick go-to neutral that's perfect for something just different than a typical nude.  

What have you got on your tips this week?
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