Monday, July 14, 2014

The Look: Easy Tuck and Cover

Perfect. Summer. Hair.  Period.  

I've spent 28 summers of my life dealing with heat and humidity.  That's 28 summers of bad hair days.  And finally, FINALLY, my 29th summer I wised up.  Here's the trick: just give up.  

And I mean that in the best way possible.  I don't fuss with curling my hair much (just the parts that matter), and rarely wear my hair down in summer.  I am a high-powered business woman on the go who does not have time to fuss! (Did you picture a 1980's-style woman in a shoulder padded blazer with sensible shoes?  I did)  So, easy but stylish updo's are my jam.  

This Tuck and Cover is possibly the epitome of an easy stylish updo.  Heck, I'd even wear it to a nice event! (of which I am never invited to attend)  And what's better, it requires no bobby pins.  I'll let you fetch your smelling salts.  

Oh and another thing.  Ya know the gross kind of dirty hair that seems like it's beyond styling?  Yeah, it's perfect for this.  I know.  

Read below for a step-by-step guide.  
You need:

  • one stretchy headband (like these) that match your hair color
  • hair (dirty hair has the most texture but I've certainly done it with clean hair too)
1.  Put the headband around the perimeter of your head so that's it's resting above your ears, encircling the crown of your head.  

2.  Begin tucking the hair into and behind the headband.  I always start on my right side and work my way around the headband.  You're almost looping the hair away from your face and tucking the end into the headband.

3.  Work your way around your head and adjust as necessary.  I like a lot of volume so I made sure to leave some slack around my crown and to leave a lot of length at the nape of my neck (by not looping the hair too tightly into the headband).  Overall, I think this look is most flattering when the hair is gently tucked back, not tight or slick.  

You're done.  No, really.  That's it.  

I love using a headband that's the same color as my hair so that it's inconspicuous and hidden.  Of course, a bold headband would also be a fun twist.  

Say it with me ladies: Tuck and Cover!
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