Monday, April 7, 2014

March Beauty Favorites

Pardon the bit of hiatus in the last week and a half.  I attempted to start a post a few times and I certainly thought about blogging a lot more than that but my brain was like nope.  No thanks.  In fact, my brain is still pretty nope but I'm just gonna power through.  Bear with me.  It will be an adventure for us all.  

Ok, let's get to it.  March beauty faves.  I had a pretty great month for discovering new products and perfecting old routines.  Here we go! 
Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm
I've heard about this lip balm so.many.times and always assumed it was super pricey based solely on the fact that it's French.  When I finally got around to investigating it a bit, I realized it's quite affordable for a quality lip balm that will practically last me a lifetime.  The texture is quite different from other balms.  It actually feels a bit dry and even slightly grainy going on but it absorbs instantly, dries matte and leaves my lips baby soft.  It's a morning and evening staple for me.  

Boots Facial Oil
My first go at facial oils! Being naturally oily, it always felt wrong to think of putting oil on my skin.  But I had been reading and hearing so many good things about facial oils lately, that I decided it might be worth trying.  I wasn't willing to commit to a pricey oil yet so I found this Boots version from Ulta online for $9, right in my budget!  It's so gentle and moisturizing without leaving me greasy at all.  In fact, it may be reducing my oil production during the day since I'm properly hydrated.  I'm a convert.  
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Light Ivory
After hearing a lot of great reviews for this foundation, I bought it back in February but couldn't quite figure out the best application.  I assumed it just didn't suit my skin and almost gave up! I gave it one last go (with the help of the next fave below) and now I get it.  A little goes a long way and blend blend blend to a beautiful matte finish.  

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
I've always wanted to try the Beauty Blender but I just can't drop $20 on a sponge.  Mama's gotta eat, afterall.  So when Real Techniques came out with a sponge for about $6, I scooped it up asap.  I don't strictly use the sponge for my foundation but I do use it as a final step to fully blend my foundation and concealer.  I dampen the sponge, squeeze it out, and bump it along my face to fully blend my base.  

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 02
This deserves another quick mention (in addition to last month) since I'm loving it so much.  We're baarreelly hitting spring here in Chicago and that means I'm pasty as ever.  This subtle bronzer warms up my skin without making me look like I've taken up fake-n-bake tanning.

Milani Illuminating Face Powder
I bought this entirely on a whim and almost exclusively because I liked the pretty rose pattern.  I think it's marketed as a highlighter for darker skin but it makes the most beautiful blush on my pale skin.  It's warm and bronzey with a slight dewy sheen.  It's been on my cheeks practically all month.  
Nothing too exciting here guys.  My trusty Naked palette.  My go-to shade is Naked, it's been my transition shade allllllll month long.  I always add in a little Buck for extra depth too.  

Keeping it real boring on the eyes this month with some ol' favorites.  The Lorac Pro Palette is the ultimate palette, in my humble opinion.  It's just got everything I need and I've really been reaching for Champagne and Nude all March long. 
L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess
Why did I ever stop using this mascara?  What led me astray?  I don't know but I won't let it happen again.  This stuff is the absolute best for volume, length, pigment, and staying power.  

Benefit Gimme Brow
This stuff.  My brow routine has been taken to a whole new level, y'all.  (< Most boring sentence ever?).  I always used an inexpensive clear mascara to set my brows but Gimme Brow just spoke to me.  It's the best setting gel, pigmented and precise, that keeps my brows in place all day long.  Nary a hair out of place.  It's the little things.  

Milani Brilliant Shine in Bare Secret
I'm having a bit of a Milani love affair at the moment.  This gloss is super affordable, well pigmented and not too sticky.  It's the best pinky-brown shade for days when I have no clue what to wear on my lips.  Which is often.  

Buxom Lip Gloss in Sophia
This was a freebie from Sephora and I was soooooo pleased to see it.  Every time I go to Sephora I convince myself not to spend the money on them but they really are awesome.  Be warned, these lip glosses are super tingly (which I love) but they're beautifully pigmented, super long lasting, and not super sticky.  

So what have you been loving in March?
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  1. nice post! My lorac pro palette was my favorite for March 2014 had been been wearing it all month!