Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I'm always in pigtails

1.  I think we discussed that pigtails were my de facto hairstyle since I was the youngest for a few short years.  Once my little sister came along, it seems like pigtails mysteriously vanished soon thereafter.  #middlechildsyndrome

2.  Maybe you thought I was joking when I said Sara and I were always dressed alike.  Clearly I was not.  

3.  I can't be alone in thinking that Sara's yellow shoes are pretty badass.  I'd wear those today.  

4.  Sometimes I worry about the type of mother I might be.  The thing is, I just can't fathom buying many clothes for kids when they grow SO FAST.  Think about it.  Sara probably wore those shoes 5 times then poof!  They don't fit anymore.  It would drive me nuts.  It just seems like kids should wear some sort of large shapeless smock for 18 years while they're growing.  So much more cost effective (I'm a terrible person).  

5.  Odds are, I'll actually end up buying my kids every shoe available because omgbabyshoesaresoadorable.  

6.  I have the same approximate face shape to this day.  

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