Thursday, January 16, 2014

6 Things Making Me Happy This Week

Image via tumblr

1.  I am a HUGE fun of America's Test Kitchen because I really love learning about the science of baking and cooking.  I think it makes me a better baker because I actually understand what's going on in my kitchen.  Well this post about cookies is perhaps the most thorough science-y post about cookies I've ever read.  A total must read if you're into that sort of thing.

2.  This freaks me out!  Some of these strangers are near perfect twins.  It's totally crazy and I would love love love to meet my own doppelganger.  It reminds of the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine finds bizarro Jerry, George and Kramer.  Where are you bizarro-Annie??

3.  I found this article really interesting and insightful because I think maybe I do the opposite of all these things?  What is wrong with me?!  Definitely food for thought though.

4.  May seem minor but I tried my first Cafe Misto from Starbucks and I loved it!  It seems only mildly different than a latte but I liked that it wasn't quite the punch of a latte.  I'm calling it: it's my new good-to!

5.  One of my new favorite beauty bloggers, Amelia Liana, is having a "dupe" week and it's amazing.  It's practically my life mission to find drugstore dupes so needless to say, I've been pleased all week.  

6.  Can I just be happy that it's Friday?  It's been that kind of week.......

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  1. OH MY WORD. That twins post is so weird.

    1. Right?! And how in the heck did the photographer find these people?