Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Slouchy Casual

If you couldn't already tell, my main goal is almost always comfort.  And when I'm chilling at home, I basically look homeless (Eric is a lucky man).  However, I manage to pull myself together for public while still remaining pretty comfortable and the key is always leggings and boots.  

Light Long Sleeve Tunic- Uniqlo, $19.90
For about $20, this shirt is a total steal.  Slouchy tunics are probably my favorite shirts because I think they're quite slimming and they're easy to dress up or down with accessories and layering.  This is one of those "I'll buy one on every color" shirts.  

Jersey Leggings- H&M, $12.95
Since the tunic is plain, I thought to insert some punch with the leggings.  I'll state the obvious, a bold printed legging with horizontal stripes may not suit everyone.  If you think these aren't for you, a bold colored skinny jean would work just as well.  

Tassled Lion Necklace- Forever 21, $10.80
Whenever I wear a long shirt, I pair it with a long necklace to keep the proportions right.  Of course, any long necklace will do but given the busy pattern of the leggings, it's probably best to keep it to basic metals with no busy colors or pendants.  

Holta Boots, Cognac- Aldo, $62.99
My fallback is always black boots so when I began searching for something, I wanted to consider colors that I may not normally gravitate towards.  I'm in love with the rich velvety color of these boots and I especially like the short chunky heel.  I think a high heel would look somewhat tacky paired with these leggings so these boots add a little boost while still looking modest.  

What are your slouchy casual go-to's? 
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  1. Lovely Sunday outfit and the long necklace is gorgeous :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Right? I pretty much want 10,000 of those sweaters.