Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nails: The Winter Neutral

Ooooo yeah.  Check out those grays baby.  I love me a gray nail polish.  They always make my hands look slightly less ghostly pale and they go with everything.  In summer, my neutrals lean towards white or pink and in winter, I lean towards gray and taupes.  It just feels right.  Here's my favorite roundup.

If there is one word for this polish, it's opaque.  It's the opaque-iest opaque polish I own.  The formula is noticeably thicker than other polishes I've tried which means one coat will do ya'.  I love the cool-toned gray too because it's unlike any other polish I own.  I worried it would be a bit too stark but it's actually quite subtle and just right.  
Revlon in Sand Stone
I'll admit that this polish is quite the snooze in the bottle.  I don't know what made me buy it in the first place but it's since been one of my favorite neutral shades.   It's a taupey gray-brown that is a few shades darker and cooler than my skin tone.  Since it has cool undertones, it helps to tone down some of the pinkiness in my hands too.  However, upon researching a link, I've discovered it's discontinued!  Boooooo!  Looks like maybe Essie's Playa de Platinum could be a dupe?
China Glaze in Below Deck
This is the newest shade to my winter neutrals collection and was a quick favorite.  I love the deep purple-ish brown tone because it's perfect for when I'm in the mood to wear a deep color but I don't want to fuss with berries or reds.  
Essie in Chinchilly 
I remember spotting this shade for the first time a few years back after getting a manicure done and wasted approximately zero minutes buying a bottle for myself soon after.  I think it's a great staple for any neutral collection since it's quite subtle on the nails while still being a not quite gray and not quite brown.  

What are your go-to winter neutrals?

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  1. Gorgeous! I love all of the winter neutrals in your post. I'd like to give Sand Stone a try, it's more nude, and I need a color like that. I have Chinchilly in my stash too. One of my favorite colors for winter.

    May from La Vie En May

    1. Chinchilly is the perfect winter shade! Pretty much a no-brainer.

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