Thursday, December 5, 2013

7 Things Making Me Happy This Week

1.  How adorable is this teapot?! 

2.  This Buzzfeed article that the world isn't such a bad place.  #21, I died.  How adorable.  You better believe I would have eaten that up as a little girl.  

3. This blog.  I can't handle how fabulous these women are.   Such an inspiration to see women OWNING it at any age.  They know what's up.  

4.  Bath and Body Works Winter Candle.  I bought this candle MONTHS ago and strictly forebode burning it until after Thanksgiving.  It is the absolute perfect winter scent.  It smells woodsy and a little spicy and I wanna stock up for a lifetime supply.  

5.  This list of simple things to make us happy.  So true and something I could really stand to read and remember know and then.  

6.  Ok guys, I have mixed feelings about "puppy eyes."  We've all heard of "cat eye" makeup, yes?  Well this is sort of the opposite since you angle the eyeliner downward for a pouty full-eyed look.  But I think I have a visceral reaction to the idea of angling eyeliner downward.  Everything I know has taught me otherwise!  This may be a weekend experiment.  I'll report back with details.   

7.  Cannot wait to try these copycat Kind bars.   I wanna stock-pile these for a healthy grab-n-go snack (instead of some Nilla Wafers, 2 tortilla chips, a spoonful of peanut butter or a graham cracker).

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