Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I'm the one giving an enthusiastic thumbs up!

1.  I could start a whole new blog containing just pictures of me giving thumbs up.  From the ages of 6-11, I'd estimate 70% of photos involved me giving a thumbs up.  I was and still am very cool obviously.  

2.  My older sister and I shared a room and my little sister had her own (for reasons I never understood and was very vocal about).  However, she felt left out of sisterly things so every night we'd stick a tiny mattress between our two beds and she would sleep there.  Which is why this picture looks like we're all sleeping in a giant bed together like we're in Little House on the Prairie.  

3.  Full Disclosure: I've never seen Little House on the Prairie but I've gotta assume they all slept in some sorta of giant bed-type thing together, right?  Seems like something people did on a prairie.  

4.  Also, in the last few sentences I've spelled "prairie" like praiirie, prarie, paraie, and parrie but never prairie.  MY FINGERS WILL NOT COOPERATE.  

5.  I will keep that tiny dresser until the day I die.  It's been in my bedroom since the day I was born and it's literally been in my room every day since.  It's missing a knob and it's a little worse for wear but I love it.  

6.  Gracie's cheeks.  For real......

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