Saturday, December 7, 2013

Printed Skirt: Two Ways

Sometimes it seems like a bold piece, like this printed skirt from Forever 21, can almost be too one-note.  When I have strong printed pieces, I tend to fall in the habit of styling them the same way each time I wear them and I categorize them strictly as "casual" or "dressy." I tried to step outside my comfort zone just a touch to style this printed skirt two ways.  

Casual Printed Skirt Style

H&M Denim Blouse
I think the easiest way to have a casual but still "pulled together" look is by wearing a denim shirt.  Here, the silhouette of the shirt (somewhat on the boxy side) pairs well with a slim fit pencil skirt.  

Steve Madden Holey Infinity Scarf in Maroon
Since the denim shirt and the printed skirt are both "neutrals" here, I figured a deeply colored scarf would add a bit pop but not compete with the boldness of the skirt.  

Lifestride Tempest Too Bootie 
Since this skirt is somewhat long, I think wearing a heel, even a small one, makes a big difference.  These heels are sturdy and low but still stylish and casual.  

Dressy Printed Skirt Style

H&M Yellow Silk Blouse
When considering a pairing to dress up this skirt, I wanted a color that was bold but not overwhelming. This mustard yellow is perfect with a black and white print and the silk is an extra touch of class.  

Charming Charlie Royal Rhinestone Necklace
Just because you're dressing up an outfit, there's no need to splurge on the jewelry.  A piece like this looks lush but costs $20.  The gold pairs beautifully with the mustard yellow and it adds just a touch of class to look professional.  

Javelin Oxford Heel
Of course, you could easily pair this look with some basic black pumps and be set but I loved the look of these oxford heels.  They're modest but surprisingly sexy and really prefect for colder months.  

How do you like to wear a bold skirt?

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