Monday, December 31, 2012

I resolve.....

1.  To make more bread!  I will enter 2013 with abandon and attack yeasted bread with fervor.  It's about to get very real in my City Kitchen.  Bagels won't know what hit 'em.

2.  To make macarons!  Macarons have terrified me for years.  They're just so beautiful.  I shy away from their beauty.  And they're finicky as the dickens.  And they're French!  A trifecta for fear.  But this year I FINALLY have the kitchen supplies and maybe the confidence to pull them off.

3.  To blog more!  I've lately made a commitment to myself to blog more and I'm happy with my progress.  But I want to make 2013 bigger and that means more content and more frequent blogging.  Get ready to love me more than you already do.  If that's possible.

4.    To run farther!  These last few weeks I've made some great progress in the direction of my health goals (though I dearly miss refined carbohydrates sometimes) and I want 2013 to bring more of the same.  This means running farther, planking longer and saying no to pretzel M&Ms.....sometimes.

5.  To knit!  Or crochet!  Or play ukulele! Or learn to speak Spanish!  What I mean is, I have many many hobbies and skills I've wanted to hone for quite awhile.  But money and time and resources have always been tight.  But no excuses in 2013.  I'm a smart gal and I can teach myself to knit if I want to dagnabbit!  So 2013 is not only when I begin projects, but also when I actually finish them.

6  To be my best me!  Specific, right?  The thing is, I tend to be my own worst critic.  It's not to say I'm not proud of what I accomplish but I generally find my accomplishments to fall short of my own expectations.  So being my best me not only means to fully dedicate myself to things that are important to me but it also means being my own cheerleader.  Perfection isn't everything and sometimes a cup of tea and a deep breath is a little necessary self-care.    

What are your resolutions?


  1. Great resolutions! I haven't thought about mine yet ... I might not make any. We'll see :-)

  2. Well I'll tell you it wasn't tough making them but let's just see if I can keep them!