Thursday, December 12, 2013

7 Things Making Me Happy This Week

1.  A very thoughtful gift from my little sister for my birthday means that my tree is now adorned with adorable ornaments of pie slices and tiramisu.  Perfect to christen my brand new tree!  

2.  Normally I find these "things I would tell my teenage self" lists sorta annoying but I actually liked this one quite a lot.  None of them are earth-shattering revelations but sometimes it's nice to read something like that as gentle reminders. 

3.  Gifting homemade cookie dough (in those adorable pints no less!) so genius!  I think I audibly "eeped!" when I saw this idea on Twitter.  

4.  No shocker here that I read a TON of beauty blogs and I'd like to think I've got a pretty firm grasp on the cat eye but Amelia Liana has the BEST post about it here.  So many unique tips.  I'm about to run out and purchase myself some post-it stickies right now!  Who am I kidding, I'll probably just try it with scotch tape.  

5.  This commercial guys.  It touched me in a real way.  GIRL POWER!  

6.  Oh look, I took another personality test, surprising no one.  I'm a "harmony-seeking idealist" according to my results and the line that I am "deeply hurt by criticism or rejection"is about 400% true.  I just want everyone to love me all the time ok?!  

7.  Well I could get lost in this graph for hours (first and only time I've ever said that).  According to that, Ann reached the height of it's popularity in the 1950s and Annie in the 1880s.  I guess I'm just an old soul.  And the name Mary held the #1 spot for 70 YEARS, from 1880 to 1950.  Jeez, way to be original America.  

What's making you happy this week?   


  1. The cookie dough gift is SUCH a good idea!!! Might have to do that next year!

    1. Isn't it SO clever?! Such an easy gift but thoughtful too.