Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday

1.  I'm the one with the chin stitches.  And my face is 80% cheeks.  One of those things is still true today.  

2.  This pic and the story behind it are a family classic.  Sara, the toothless one, was running laps around the house (like, literally running laps.  Outside.) and face-planted on the sidewalk.  While we were waiting in the ER, I got out of the chair, my legs stuck to the leather of the chair seat because I was in shorts, and I crashed to the ground, splitting my chin open in the ER.  Thus, shorts are terrible.   
3.  This was the first of two times I split my chin open.  The second time happened when I was running inside and slipped but couldn't break my own fall because I was holding a big calculator.  I have a distinct memory of holding a washcloth to my chin, in the passenger seat, while my mom drove me to the hospital.  

4.  After getting stitches and seeing myself in the mirror for the first time, I thought I had a spider on my chin which is a reasonable assumption for a 3 year old so lay off! 

5.  I know one's eye tends to travel to Sara's toothless grin but if you shift your gaze slightly upward, you'll notice that Sara has definitely had a fresh bang trim.  Those babies are blunt and a solid one inch above the eyebrow.  Which is a weird length for bangs.  

6.  Also please notice the pretty hideous couch behind our heads.    

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  1. As Annie's Dad I can attest to her toughness, she is the only 3 yr old I know that could sleep thru the Stitching Process by the doctor which she did. of course there was the crying over the perceived spider thing but we will overlook that.