Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday

1.  I don't....  I can't even..... It doesn't.....What the.....  

2. See #1

3.  Ok, I'll say what we're all wondering.  Yes, I'm wearing a purse on my head.  As though it were a hat.  Apparently, this is a thing that I did quite regularly.  The weird thing is that I really don't even like hats.  

4.  Ok, I'll say the other thing we're all wondering.  Yes, I'm wearing stackable toy rings as bracelets.  I'm accessorizing!  So sue me!  

5.  I sort of resemble a little boy.  A little bit?  I mean, I know all kids at some point are pretty ambiguous-looking though.  Maybe that's why I was accessorizing.  

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