Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Product Review- Revlon Lip Butter

To say I've become a bit obsessed with makeup lately is an understatement.  In the years I've been doing my makeup, I basically resigned myself to some concealer, mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss.  Anytime I attempted to execute eyeshadow or god-forbid a smoke-eye, it inevitably ended with my face  in the sink as I washed off the wreck on my face.  I've been through a lot guys.  Life's not easy.

But then I found Tiffany D:  She's got some amazing tutorial videos (and a makeup collection to die for) and she's basically livin' the dream because her blogging and YouTube tutorials have taken her to collaborations with beauty companies and even her own product line.  Uh yeah.

So aside from harboring some MAJOR jealousy, she's inspired me to branch out and *gasp* wear lipstick! I grew up thinking lipstick was sorta old lady-ish since my first memories of lipstick are of my grandma's collection of assorted mauves.

Enter Revlon Lip Butter.
Of course one of my favorite beauty products would have the word butter in it.  Butter is an appropriate descriptor because these babies don't dry out lips like many lipsticks and they go on easy.

I think what I like the most about these is that you can build up the color.  If I'm feeling meek, I can give it one swipe for a nice tint.  If I'm bold, maybe 2 swipes!  I know! 2 swipes!

I'll admit that the packaging can be a bit deceiving in terms of color representation but if you're in the right color family (like cool pinks or orange-y reds), you'll likely still be happy with the results.

And get this, I even found a red I'm willing to wear!  Normally I look HILARIOUS in red lipstick.  It's a real laugh riot.  But Red Velvet totally works for me since it's got blue undertones.  It took me 28 years to realize that I need to avoid orange tones at all costs.  Lives were lost.

Here's an idea of how they apply:
And this is only about 1/3 of the collection!  There's around 20 colors and I've spotted them at CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart for around $7.50 or so.  

So yes.  Yes to them all.  I would like to buy them.  Can you imagine how sassy and feminine I'll be?  (not that much)  

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