Sunday, January 6, 2013

Instagram Lately!

Working clockwise from the top left

Homemade Peanut Butter: The moment my dad gave me a food processor for Christmas I knew my first recipe would be peanut butter.  I'm DELIGHTED with the results and the recipe is soon to come!  

Zoo Lights: Lincoln Park Zoo has Zoo Lights every year which is generally a Christmas-y things and even it being a bus ride away, I didn't have time to go before Christmas.  But better late than never I went  last week!  It was oddly depressing to hear Christmas music on January 4th though... 

2am food: When my 23 year old sister was in town for a few days, I became aware of just how old I am.  By 1am on New Year's Eve, I was ready to turn in and call it a night when my little sis was ready to hit the town.  So we rallied and went to a nearby bar then a nearby mexican joint for dinner #2.

It's OK Beer! Meeting up with friends led to a night at quite possibly the weirdest bar in Chicago.  It seemingly had no name, you're only allowed in by knocking and we were nearly the only patrons.  A great night indeed!
Cozy Cozy:  My sister's apartment may kill me slowly by poison of cat dander but it sure has a cozy fireplace.  #worthit

Virginia Slims:  Since the dawn of time, my grandma has been smoking Virgina Slims Ultra Light Regulars and while smoking is terrible and all, when my grandma does it, it's ok.  

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