Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Red Lips For Every Gal

holiday red lipstick
'Tis the season for red lips, my friends.  Be not afraid.  There is a red lip out there for you.  

Well, actually, they're right on your face but you know what I mean.  

As makeup obsessed as I am, even I tend to shy away from rep lipstick most of the time.  It's a bold look to pull off and can sometimes be fussy to maintain all day long.  However, there's a whole world of formulas fit for every for every gal and I've got a few that are listed amongst my faves.  

best drugstore red lipsticks
Let's start with the red lip basics:  you've got to find your best red.  Your best red is that shade of red that works with your skintone.  It's not to say that you can't look good in different reds with different undertones but in general, most people look best in either cool-toned or warm-toned reds.  For the most part, it's a trial and error process.  Don't be afraid to head to Sephora and try a few options so you know what works best for you.  

Me?  I'm a cool-toned girl.  Through and through.  So most of the reds I'm discussing today have blue-ish undertones.  However, the tips in general should hopefully guide you through some formula options so you can choose a product that you love to wear.  

Here are the reds that I reach for and actually wear regularly.  Imagine that.  
milani lipgloss swatch, sugar fresh lipgloss in cherry, sonia kaschuk red lipstick, the body shop color crush in 101

1.  Red Lips for the Glossy Gal: I was you once, Glossy Gal.  I GET YOU.  There was once a time where gloss and lip balm were the only things to grace my lips. I get the appeal.  It's easy and lips look so juicy.  If you're only into glosses, the Milani Brilliant Shine Lipgloss in Red My Lips is for you.  It's glossy (because duh) but really well pigmented.  I really like the fact that this gloss is almost milky in color.  Not a speck of glitter in sight.  I'd say lasting power is about average for gloss so you should expect to reapply every few hours or so.  

2.  Red Lips for the Hesitant Lady:  Perhaps you're the type of gal who likes red lips when you see it on others but haven't taken the plunge for yourself.  I, too, know this struggle.  Fresh Sugar in Cherry is your answer.  It's easily the most comfortable red lip I own because it's really only a tinted a lip balm.  It doesn't bleed, it apples easy, and it feels like a regular ol' balm on the lips.  

3.  Red Lips for the Working Woman:  This one is all me guys.  The Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Sheer Lip Color in Sheer Rouge is almost like the Fresh Sugar balm on steroids.  It's not quite as moisturizing (though certainly not the least bit drying) and the pigmentation is about 30% more (totally unscientific guess).  I love this for workdays because it lasts me to lunchtime before reapplying, I don't need to fiddle with lipliner in the morning, and the color is buildable if I want something bolder.  Plus, it's got a lovely sheen that almost mimics a gloss.  I'm eager to try out other shades in this formula.  

4.  Red Lips for the Classic Broad:  You are the type of woman who wears a cat eye, a bold lip, and a pencil skirt and you are fabulous.  I wish I were you.  In my mind, I am you.  Except in yoga pants.  The Body Shop's Color Crush in shade 101 is your staple red.  It applies smooth and pigmented in one swipe, it feels soft and nourishing on the lips, and it doesn't bleed or feather, even without lipliner.  With a bold blue-toned red, you will conquer the world, Classic Broad.  

I thought a few swatches on my lips would help but I think the color is reading a bit pinker than what it looks like in real life.  You'll notice the swatches on my hand in the picture above look a lot redder and seem more true to life.  Still, seeing the formulas on the lips, you can see the various opacities.  Plus, it was really fun to put on red lipstick on a Saturday afternoon in my yoga pants.  

So what's your go to rep lip for the holidays?  

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