Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's Love: Benefit Dallas Blush

If you're looking for a perfect "everyday, goes with everything, there's no time to think about blush" blush, I've found it for you.  You're welcome!  

May I introduce you to Benefit Dallas?  

Dallas is a gorgeous (and in my opinion, highly underrated) bronzey plumy blush that, on my fair skin, adds a touch of color and a hint of contour.  

Naturally, the first thing that drew me to Dallas was the packaging.  Just look at it!  Too cute to pass up.  Everytime I'd see it in the store, I'd swatch it on my hand and then convince myself to put it back.  In the box, it doesn't look like much so I told myself I didn't need it.  

And let's be real, I don't need any more blush but that's a different story.  

But after one of my swatches I noticed my hand in the sunshine after leaving the store and I realized I needed.that.blush.  The swatch below doesn't quite do it justice but you'll notice the tan-y pink-ish color with the slightest bit of sheen.  On the cheeks, it's so subtle but just perfect when I haven't decided what lip color to wear yet since it goes with just about everything.  

I've been lasso'ed by Dallas.  (sorry not sorry about that) 

Are you blush junkie?  Have you tried Benefit Dallas?

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