Thursday, October 16, 2014

6 Things Making Me Happy This Week

What a week.  Friday already?!  I ain't complain'.  I have a haircut coming my way tomorrow and I.can't.wait.  You've never seen a person who needs a haircut worse than me.  Anywayzzz, let's get crackin'.

1.  If you are a food blogger, these tips make tons o' sense.  Especially the "movable background" bit.  I've got a few "prop" backgrounds and I'm never going back.  

3.  Colorized pictures seem too real.  

4.  Yes, I'd like one order of the Taos Sweet Ass Chops and a side of Ms. French Fries please. 

5.  Ya know what?  I'm not mad about it.  

6.  Tell me something that these Honey Candied Walnuts wouldn't taste good in.   I dare ya'.  

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