Thursday, October 2, 2014

6 Things Making Me Happy This Week

I'm reinstating my "Happy This Week" posts after a brief unexpected laziness-induced hiatus.  Just bein' real with you.  

1.  Roasted Chicken Ramen- I've made this recipe twice already and it's amazing.  Who knew homemade ramen was so simple? (probably a lot of people)  And my god people, have you smelled a bottle of sesame oil?!  Heeaavvveeennnn. 

2.  Hey, I agree with all these.  My grandma loved making her "salves" (crushed vitamins with vaseline in a mortar and pestle.  We didn't ask questions) and she was so resourceful and frugal.  She saved ziplock bags and washed paper plates.  She even saved stale bread to feed the birds.  I think we could all do a little good to live a bit like the grandmas of the world.  

3.  Being a very frequent visitor of comment sections for other baking blogs, I can attest that these are all hilariously true.

4.  MY DREAM HAIR.  Ugh.  

5.  Nope.  Nope nope nope.

6.  I've long professed my adoration of EssieButton's YouTube videos and now her boyfriend, Aslan, has a new channel called The Worktop.  It features recipes/crafts/DIYs and it's basically a delightful mix of useful ideas paired with the most beautiful dang editing on the internet.  

So what's making you happy this week?  

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