Monday, September 29, 2014

Stuff I Want #1

Are you a sicko like me who makes an Excel spreadsheet with all the items and related links for things you want rightthisveryminute?  Just me? That's cool.  Anyway, here's some stuff I want these days:

1.  Target Woman's Messanger Bag-  I've never been one for designer bags (I'm far too fickle and I like new bags more than I can afford) so I love Target or Forever21 for bags that I can use for a season and be done with.  This bag is a great size (big enough to fit the essentials and a Kindle, not too big to fit your life's belongings) and I love the tan and black.  I'm generally not one to go for hardware on a bag but the straps are subtle enough that I think they add a nice touch.  

2.  Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Liner - For once in my entire life, I exerted some patience and I didn't run out to buy this liner the minute I wanted it.  I've been waiting for my Stila liner to run out (which I love and got months of use out of) before I give this a try.  I'm skeptical that something is better than my beloved Stila but I've heard so many good reviews that I'm willing to give it a go.  

3.  H&M Biker Coat - Not sure what sort of biker would wear this coat but I do know of an Annie that would wear the hell out of it.  I love how boxy this coat is with a slightly asymmetrical zipper.  It looks cozy and I generally like to chose a fall coat that can be dressed up or down.  At $60, it's not a bad price for an all-purpose coat.  

4.  Molecule 01 Perfume- I'll let you do a spit-take at the price before I go on.  Ok done?  Anyway, price aside, I really like this perfume.  I don't fully understand the "one scent molecule" business behind the concept but I just love the woody slightly masculine scent.  When I first tried a sample, I didn't get the hype.  But after wearing it a few times, it really grew on me and it just works.  It's such a simple but effective scent.  But if I intend to get my hands on it, I think I'll be using The Perfumed Court to protect my poor wallet.  

5.  Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette- Just call me a sucker.  I know that I am.  But I want this palette!  So sue me.  I've resisted the allure of Hourglass blushes for MONTHS and now this palette is more that I can bear.  So preettyyyyy.  

What stuff do you want lately?

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