Thursday, July 3, 2014

Making Me Happy This Week

It's a LONG WEEKEND!!!  'Nuff said.  

1.  This Vanilla Date Smoothie just speaks to me.  Imagine those sweet sticky dates being pulverized in that smoothie.  Ooooo and a dash of cinnamon?  Breakfast of champions. 

2.  Uh yikes, this post was a little too real for me.  I am the QUEEN of justifying things!  Dessert, makeup, whatever.  You name it, I can justify it.  

3.  Vanilla Cornmeal Crumbcake?!  The woman is a genius, pure and simple.  

4.  Looking for a good LOL?  Coast your eyeballs on over to this list of "Every English Novel Ever."  I love it.  Being someone who has often fantasized about living in 18th and 19th century England, this list just feels right.  

5.  Bad news guys, we're definitely doing it wrong.  Apparently, Marilyn Monroe ate a cup of warm milk with raw eggs every morning for breakfast.  And here I've been spending all my time eating raw eggs for lunch.  

6.  In reality, I'd be lucky if I could successfully execute even one of these Projects You Can Make With Paper but a girl can dream.    

So what's making you happy this week?

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