Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Bloggin' Place

Even before I began blogging, I've always wanted a perfect little desk to work.  A place for homework, a place for writing, a place for reading, and- let's be honest- a place for Facebook-ing.  Since moving out at age 19, my apartments and my budget have never really afforded me the luxury of a little nugget of space to work.  I spent years sitting on my couch with my laptop perched on my lap.  I know, how did I manage to survive such a gruesome past?  

Alas, I'm now in a place that's just me and the hubz and I've created my perfect little bubble.  It's a spot I look forward to parking my butt every night and dedicating time to make this blog grow.  And that's the whole reason for this post.  To let you (who are you out there anyway?) know that I've got a lot of content planned for the future with a lot more regular posts.  I can't wait to make this blog something bigger.  

See you soon friends.
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