Monday, March 24, 2014

Prime Time Roundup

I have been on quite the primer kick the last few months.  I never used to waste my time with it unless I had a big night out and I knew I needed my makeup to last.  Meanwhile though, I'd come home from work every day looking much worse for wear, like my makeup had taken a trip south.  

I realized primer can be an everyday habit that takes 5 seconds but yields great results.  I've amassed a collection at home to address any skin needs and now I almost never go a day without it.  

Here are some top picks:

This is my favorite of the bunch and certainly my most used.  I love the formula because it feels creamy, not slick, and I feel like it really grips my skin and helps foundation stay put.  It's a mild color corrector too which helps to even my skin tone.  

While not as creamy as Revlon, it's still a relatively non-slick formula that helps with any major redness.  I'll often reach for this if my skin is looking angrier than normal and pair it with a fuller-coverage foundation to calm things down.  Staying power isn't it's strong suit but it does what it's billed to: reduce redness.

This one is quite the beaute.  It's got a blendable formula with a heavy pearlescent glow.  This primer is perfect if your skin is looking a bit dull and needs a pick me up.  Oily gals be warned though- this does little to control shine.  For that reason, I like pairing it with Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation to balance the dewy primer with a matte base.  Dewy finish, happy T-zone.  

This primer is certainly of the "slippery" variety.  It can feel quite slick on the skin but once it settles (a matter of seconds), skin feels smooth, silky and pore free.  I don't think it provides the staying power of the Revlon primer but if you're after a smooth "photoshopped" canvas, this is your winner.  

Which primers do you love?  

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  1. I have used the Revlon Colourstay and the L'oreal Lumi. I love the way Revlon evens my skin tone and L'oreal Lumi makes a great highlighter on mycheek bones.

    Lovely post
    Keisha xo

    1. Such a good idea! The Lumi would make an awesome highlighter. So subtle but pretty.

  2. I love Benefit's The POREfessional because I feel like my pores disappear when I put it on, but I'm looking forward to trying the 1st two on your list above as cheaper alternatives!

    1. The Porefessional is awesome! I've tried and sample and it's pretty amazing. My sister really loves it too.

  3. I generally prefer Ravlon, it helps me look natural. Regards, bob marley quotes