Thursday, March 6, 2014

6 Things Making Me Happy This Week

Images via Instagram @AnniesCtyKtchn

1.  I came across this Instagram account of a little girl who is not only a fashion designer but she also designs everything in paper.  And then models it.  Also, I'm a little bit jealous of her haircut.  And, she's 4.  So congrats everyone, a 4 year old is a lot better at life than all of us will ever be.  Let's just all accept it.  

2.  So in the fantasy version of my life, I live in England and someone pays me to bake all day and I'm the kind of person who takes baths.  I follow a lot of British beauty bloggers and they ALL take baths.  Religiously.  (I'd like to point out that I bathe, but I don't take baths.  Showers for me.  Glad I cleared that up).  And I've done it a few times at home but I'm not quite comfortable, my tubs have always been quite small and shallow, and no matter how much I clean, I'm always positive that I'm sitting in a gross tub.  So ANYWAY, my whole point is, I found this DIY Epsom Salt Spray which is genius!  It's the benefits of an Epsom Salt bath but you don't have to be living your fantasy life in England.  Perfect!

3.  This tutorial on blue eye shadow has made me think that maybe possibly someday somehow I could pull off blue eye shadow too.  A girl can dream.  (Also, that gif picture?  Genius).

4.  Avocado Hollandaise.  Uh yeah.  You read that right.  I could eat the hell outta that.  

5.  LOVE these Chocolate Chip Cookie Energy Bars!  I've made my own Clif Bars with a similar technique and I loved the flavor and super chewy texture.  Plus, hello, they're no bake and practically one bowl.  Duh.  

6.  This Jimmy Fallon bit with Tina Fey is entirely stupid but so hilarious that I could barely hold in my laughter (because maybe I was at my desk at work while watching).  We all already know that Tina Fey is a perfect goddess and Jimmy Fallon is perpetually 22 years old so how could you not like it?  

So what's making you happy this week?
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  1. I'd be totally on board with being paid to live in England and bake all day . . . in fact, that's pretty much my fantasy life! A little flat in London with lots of natural light; cookies and cupcakes across every surface; books in my own private library . . . and I guess my husband could come, too. ;) Love!

    1. Omg, that sounds a magical! A little reading nook is my dream.