Sunday, February 9, 2014

Palette Lusting

I seem to have this issue where I finally get an eyeshadow palette that I would have given my left arm for, I use it daily for weeks, and then my eyes start to wander to new palettes.  And then I can't stop thinking about the new palettes and I must.have.them.  I have a roaming eye!  I'm cheating on my palettes!  Can you blame me though?  Look at those beauts above.  

Have you noticed a trend though?  Neutrals.  Nary a blue or vibrant shade in sight.  I am nothing if not predictable.  

Let's chat about my current obsessions.  

Nars Narsissist- At $79 this is the most expensive palette of the bunch and would far exceed what I've ever paid for a palette in the past.  But just look.  So pretty.  And at 15 shades, at least you're getting some major selection for your buck.  This palette has been all over every beauty blog I follow and it's only weakening my resolve not to buy it.  With a wedding on the horizon though, it's gonna take some major self-persuasion to actually bite the bullet.  

Marc Jacobs Lolita- It's the packaging guys.  It speaks to me.  It's so sleek and sophisticated.  And if I'm being honest, it's the first thing that caught my eye.  I just want to hold it in my hands.  I've actually considered buying this palette as my "Wedding" palette.  I'll be doing my own makeup and I'd love to buy a few luxury items that I normally wouldn't purchase.  Plus, it has the perfect shade selection for the type of look I'm planning.  

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude- This one may seem like a snooze without shimmers but it's just up my alley.  Whenever I wear a bolder liquid liner, I almost always pair it with matte shadows.  While a few of my palette have some great selections, they're certainly more shimmer-heavy.  This palette is one I could see myself using on a daily basis.  

Smashbox Full Exposure- Smashbox is a bit of a dark horse for me because it's a brand I rarely see mentioned in blogs and it's a brand that I don't personally purchase (like, ever).  However, I've seen this palette mentioned a few times on blogs and even mentioned in a Pixiwoo tutorial recently and it got me intrigued.  It seems like a slightly more affordable version of the Nars palette, albeit slightly different.  

So what palettes are you lusting after these days?

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  1. Finally! Someone who knows and understands the pain (and joy) of owning many palettes. Loved you post. ( Loving Marc Jacobs myself....shhhhh!)

    1. I NEVER thought I'd be palette-obsessed but I can't help myself lately! Everything is so tempting.