Thursday, February 6, 2014

5 Things Making Me Happy This Week

Images via Instagram @AnniesCtyKtchn

1.  Admittedly this is a touch weird but such a funny and unique concept.  I think I like the Hungry Catepillar best only because it's the weirdest.  And it reminds me of learning the anatomy of a worm in school.  Or did I make that up?

2.  This post on finding inspiration was.... inspiring.  Mission accomplished.  When I finished reading it I just felt energized and full of ideas.  I think my biggest struggle isn't so much inspiration but staying motivated which, to me, go hand in hand.  But I think journaling or creating an inspiration board can really keep me on track.  

3.  This post on meal prep is nutso.  I think prepping like this can make such a difference and I do a scaled down version of this every week.  It's probably the only way I can manage to eat mildly healthfully throughout the week.  

4.  Bookmark this one!  Tips for blog photography, yes please!  I'm always looking to expand my skillz because now I'm determined to get a damn picture on Food Gawker if it kills me.  It's not like my self-worth depends on it or something.  (It does).  

5.  Cookie Dough Oreos yyeessssssssss!  Creating an egg-less cookie dough is an invitation for me to just eat it straight from the bowl in place of breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

So what's making you happy this week?

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