Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Brights Casual

Not too sure about your neck of the woods, but here in Chicago we're basically living in a frozen tundra.  Not great.  And having lived here my whole life, I'm no stranger to cold.  But this is the kind of cold that makes your toes burn and freezes the snot right in your nose.  Not even kidding a little.  

So it goes without saying that I've been bundling up (as in, 2 scarves, up to my eyeballs) but there's no reason to sacrifice a little color in your wardrobe, even if it is only white and gray outside.  As per usual, I did a little browsing at the usual haunts (Forever 21, H&M, Target) to find a bright but warm casual winter combo.  

Rainbow Maze Sweatshirt - Forever 21, $24.80
I could curse myself for even finding this sweatshirt because I must.have.it.right.now.  And it's not conducive to a strict wedding budget, which I'm now on.  However, for $24.80, it's actually quite a steal and while I fully recognize that some people may find this entirely tacky, I love love love it.  It's just obnoxious enough.  If that's even a thing.  

Superstretch Treggings- H&M, &17.95
Nope, I have no clue what a "tregging" is.  I'm assuming it's some sort of variation of a "jegging" but heck if I know where the "T" is coming from.  The point is, these are superstretch, which means comfort and that's all that matters.  When you're trudging from car to office to train to bus in the snow, comfort is key.  

BP. Ribbed Infinity Scarf- Nordstrom, $22
First and foremost, this scarf is about warmth and a big knit is where it's at.  But I also like the black here because I think it helps to tone down the shirt just a bit.  I think a necklace would be a bit too much so a dark scarf adds interest but doesn't compete with the cray cray pattern.    

Mossimo Kyla Buckle Boot- Target, $34.99
You just can't beat a Target boot.  For any large footed girls (ahem, me) and any wide calf-ed girls (ahem, me), Target always comes through with a very decent size selection.  I love the look of a giant cozy sweater with super casual combat boots here.  The boots manage to tame the sweater a bit.  

What do ya' think?  Are you with me on this tacky fun sweater?  
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  1. this sweater is giving me shades of bill cosby and I love it!! great post girrrl :)

    1. Isn't it just the perfect kind of obnoxious?! Wearable but still slightly ridiculous. Love it!