Thursday, January 9, 2014

7 Things Making Me Happy This Week

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1.  I could probably just hashtag my way through this by saying #polarvortex #chiberia #cold #brrrr #winter but the cold isn't what's making me happy this week (duh).  However, these pictures are quite amazing and unbelievable.  I would have loved to head out with my camera and take a few shots myself but then I remembered I'm sane and my pajamas are warm and it feels weird when all moisture in your nose freezes.  

2.  I know I just talked about this but I can't get this obnoxiously bright sweater out of my mind.  But I've dedicated myself to wedding-saving in earnest and I can't quite justify buying ANOTHER sweater, and especially one that is neon printed.  I'm not opposed to someone trying to talk me into it though.....

3.  So I, along with every other warm-blooded woman on the planet, am the proud owner of a Naked 3 palette and since the shades lean pink and can be a bit tricky, I've been absorbing every single tutorial I can get my hands on.  I loved this one from xoVain because each look is unique and it made me realize that the palette is more diverse than I thought.  Maybe someday I'll get brave and try that third one.  

4.  Downtown Abbey.  IT'S BACK EVERYONE.  Leave me alone on Sunday nights forever now.  That show just speaks to my soul and I would really just love the Carson and Mrs. Hughes relationship to blossom, amiright?  I also can't decide if I'd want to be the Granthams or the house staff.  I mean, being a Grantham would obvi be great because they've got mad style and then my granny would be the Dowager Countess.  But then there's that whole heir situation and the fact that tragedy follows them wherever they go.  Soooo, not great.  Plus, if I were staff, I could marry Bates.  House staff it is!  

5.  I strategically mentioned Downton Abbey first so that you'd respect my taste in television and thus judge me a liittlllle less when I say I'm equally excited for The Bachelor.  GUYS.  I get it.  It's a truly awful show.  I'm in on the joke.  But I don't care!  Judge me all you want.  I actually find Juan Pablo to be a snoozefest but the clip of the girl in the bathroom sobbing and saying "I hope you die" is what keeps me coming back.  

6.  Eric and I have decided against engagement photos mostly because we can't really justify the cost and they're just not really our kind of "thing."  When I spotted these engagement photos spoofs though, it made me want reconsider my decision, if only for the comedic value.  

7.  Guess who can't pull off this Rainbow Lash look?  This girl (>>pointing at myself<<).  Guess who can though?  Most other people who are even a little bit cooler than me!  Probably not something I would suggest for a typical day at the office (unless you work for Lisa Frank or something) but interesting nonetheless.  

So what's making you happy this week?
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