Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I'm the one being held at knifepoint

1.  Drama club!  That's the reason I'm wearing a scarf around my neck and my friend has a knife to my throat.  Otherwise, this picture may have been alarming.  Although, it still is kinda alarming.  

2.  I want to acknowledge the shear amount of bronzer we're both wearing.  This was a production of West Side Story and we played the Sharks, so naturally we packed on obscene amounts of bronzer from head to toe and put on the worst Spanish accents every uttered.  Authenticity guys.  Try it sometime.   

3.  Our interpretation of stage makeup was loose, at best.  Since I never had any formal training in stage makeup, I just did my regular makeup and then applied it again and again.  And then once more for good measure.  And then more bronzer.  Stage makeup right? 

4.  I feel like high school Drama Club is somewhat like a cult.  Not just anyone could join, you sorta spoke your own language, and once you were in, you were a "drama kid" for life.  Since I never belonged to a sport (does considering joining badminton count?), drama club was my first real "team" atmosphere and I loved every minute of it.

5.  Being onstage was a thrill but I was (rightfully so) not confident in my singing voice.  So when my one-line singing solo came around during "I Feel Pretty," I made very sure to accidentally have my mic off.  For 8 shows.  Oops! 
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