Thursday, January 30, 2014

6 Things Making Me Happy This Week

Images via Instagram @AnniesCtyKtchn

1.  Oh hey, there's my grandma turning 91.  She was crackin' jokes and then proceeded to beat us in a card game.  She's still got it.  

2.  These ah-mah-zing interior design ideas.  I mean, number 3?!  An indoor outdoor pool.  That's my dream come true.  Oh, and the hammock bed.  Who hasn't wanted a hammock bed?!  I always had dreams of have a floating bed in a pool too.  How can I make that happen?

3.  Holy crap, perfume bottles designed like Disney characters.  Nuts.  I think I gotta vote for Ursula or Lady Tremaine on this one.  They were always some of my favorite villains because they were so glamorous too.  The scene wear Ursula slathers red lipstick on her lips?  It speaks to me.  

4.  Hey while we're at it, why not check out these Disney princesses with period-accurate costumes?  Ok, perhaps I'm not super astute but whenever I watch Disney movies, it always seems like they take place in a vague "not-the-present" setting (aside from the obvious historical figures like Pocahontas) which I've never quite pinpointed time or place.  Like, Sleeping Beauty in 1485?  Mind blown.  And Rapunzel in the 1820s?  Ok sure, coulda fooled me.  

5.  Guys, taco popcorn?!  Yes yes yes please.  

6.  This list of 33 George Costanza gifs just seems like something everyone should have to keep on file in case of gif emergencies.  Ain't no situation a George Costanza gif can't solve.        
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