Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I resolve....

Yikes guys.  Here we are again.  Seems like it wasn't too long ago that I wrote these babies.  Speaking of which, I'd estimate that I stuck to about 80% of these and I'm pretty dang proud of myself.  I definitely baked more bread, I've actually taken up knitting (even though I'm sorta pitiful at it), I bought a ukelele (.....that's remained untouched), and I've certainly upped my blogging game with 3-4 posts a week.  So what do I have planned for 2014?  I resolve......

1.  To invest in my blog.  While I'm proud of the progress I've made to post regularly, I want to invest more time in the behind-the-scenes action.  That might mean something like learning code to better customize my blog to expanding my horizons in terms of audience and promotion.  It's time to take this little ol' blog to next level folks!  

2.  To eat foods that serve me.  Ugh, right?  This again.  To be honest, I've struggled all year (*cough*life*cough*) to be some sort of idealized version of myself.  And, unsurprisingly, I've never achieved the vague undefined goals I've had for myself.  This year, I want to shift my focus from "dieting" to eating foods that best serve my body.  If the answer to "Does this food make me feel good?" is "no," then I don't want it.  Plain and simple.  

3.  To volunteer.  This is something I've been wanting to do for years and years and years.  But every time I've looked for opportunities, I never quite found something that I thought would work for me, or I was busy with school or I was busy with work or blah blah blah.  This year I'll cut the crap and actually do it.  

4.  To do yoga.  Guys, I'm no athlete or gymnast but I used to be pretty dang good at yoga a few years ago.  Conveniently, I worked at a yoga studio so attending regularly was easy and I felt pretty fantastic when I went.  When I changed jobs, I lost yoga along with it and now I'm an 80 year old woman who can barely touch her toes.  And, of course, now I'm terrified to take a class.  But DUH, the only way to get better again is to actually, ya know, take classes.  So I'm just gonna stare that fear in the face and do a crow pose.  

5.  To get creative with baking.  This one is a little vague, I know.  But I generally approach baking by finding amazing recipes by my favorite bloggers, maybe tweaking them a bit, and posting the results here.  And while I think there is always value is sharing the recipe love, I want to push myself out of my comfort zone to use flavors and techniques I'm less familiar with and begin to create more original content.    

6.  To value quality over quantity.  I've just ALWAYS been the kind of gal that says "I love lipstick.  I should own 800 lipsticks in every color imaginable" instead of the girl who says "I love lipstick.  I should have 3 or 4 really great shades that I wear a lot."  Ya know what I mean?  The same goes for how I choose to spend my time, what I bake, what I eat, and what I read.  I want to slow down a bit and value the things that add true quality to my life.  

And what are your resolutions for 2014?  

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