Thursday, January 2, 2014

7 Things Making Me Happy This Week

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Have you noticed my new logo up-top?  I had absolutely zero intentions to change it and then I saw someone else's new blog design and I got inspired and two hours later I had burned some vegetables in the oven because I was so wrapped up in re-designing! I think I like it so far but I may still do some tweaking.  Anyway, on to happy-making things:

1.  These are equal parts hilarious and alarming.  Though I do get the sense that they can't all be real.  Otherwise, we should all be very concerned for our futures.  

2.  This is cute overload.  The baby with the french bulldog puppies?  I cannot handle it.  

3.  If there is ever a dialect quiz, I will take it.  This one was nearly spot-on for me.  I've also noticed that many of my friends from Ohio will refer to something that is diagonal from them as "catty corner" when it is OBVIOUSLY called "kitty corner."  Or that just a Chicago thing?  

4.  I'm just gonna continue being obsessed with eyebrows for awhile.  

5.  Oops, another Buzzfeed.  But this one was VERY necessary.  

6.  This chia seed pudding.  I would happily call that dessert any day of the week.  

7.  Game of Thrones.  I know Season 3 is well over but I'm only making my way through Season 2 right now (though I've read the books through 4).  Despite the violence and gratuitous nudity, this show is right up my alley!  English accents, handsome gentlemen, and old-timey clothes.  It's practically Downton Abbey.  (Except that it's not even a little bit like Downton Abbey).  

So what's making you happy this week?
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