Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I'm styling the blue socks

1.  No big deal, just posing at the Hover Dam.  Where did I even a learn a pose like that?  I know Tyra wasn't around to impart her wisdom in those days.  Probably just came naturally to me.  

2.  I'm definitely wearing blue socks with clear jelly shoes.  Fashion icon for 6 year olds everywhere.  

3.  I feel like maybe Sara was a touch too old to be wearing pig tails?  Maybe?  I have some pretty strict standards when it comes to pig tails guys.  Don't even get me started on seeing an adult woman in pigtails.  It just doesn't sit right with me.  

4.  As stated last week, this is further evidence of our matching outfits.  YEARS worth of matching outfits.  

5.  Check out how yellow this picture.  It's not even an Instagram filter.  It's actually that yellow.  So authentic.  

6.  Ok, I'll say what we're all thinking: Acid. Wash. Jean. Shorts.  

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