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October Beauty Favorites

Here we are again my friends! October beauty favorites!  I struggled to restrain myself with this post because I bought a few products right at the end of the month that I wanted to feature but it seemed disingenuous to call them favorites if I've only used them once or twice.  But they're SO great!  

Anywayz, on to this month's goods.  
Let's start with skin care shall we?  I've made a concerted effort to up my skincare routine this month, especially in light of the coming winter months.  My skin tends to get very dry in winter so I want to keep it in tip top shape.  

I went in search of a nighttime cleanser at Ulta and I had a few drugstore options that interested me.  Ultimately, this cleanser beat out the others because the price was right (I'm nothing if not frugal).  Even after the first few uses, I was very pleased.  It's a somewhat thicker formula with a super creamy consistency.  It lathers well and it isn't drying.  I've found that it even helps to slightly resurface my skin and fight any scars and spots. 

As part of my skincare overhaul, I've even dedicated myself to use an eye cream on a nightly basis.  The reason I've mostly been so slow to adopt an eye cream is because it's rare to see benefits right away.  Instead, eye cream is more like an investment that pays off over time.  Admittedly, this eye cream is no different.  However, I find the formula smooth and soothing, it moisturizes well and doesn't leave me feeling greasy.  As far as eye creams go, I think this is a great introduction to my routine.   

I feel rather silly that I've haven't mentioned this in past favorites.  I've been using it quite regularly since early summer.  It's a feather-light powder that I sprinkle sparingly onto my roots on days that I've washed my hair.  It creates awesome volume and just a bit of grip to help styling.  And since you need so little, this bottle has lasted me months.   
Onto hands! 

This stuff.  The smell.  Heavenly!  Along the same lines of my renewed skin care routine, I've also been focusing on taking good care of my hands and nails.  This cuticle cream is non-greasy and well-moisturizing and as I said, the smell is totally intoxicating.  

This little gem was in October's Ipsy bag and what a total delight.  This formula is so thick and creamy but absorbs into the skin within seconds.  And the smell is to.die.for.  I was beyond delighted to discover that the full size is available at Target for around $10.  I have no doubts that this will soon be a staple at my bedside table.  

This probably needs little explanation.  It's a cult favorite for a reason.  It's the BEST top coat I've ever used and I think I'm already on my 3rd or 4th bottle.  It creates a super shiny finish and makes my nails feel strong.  Holy Grail status.  
Now onto eyes!  

Now, this mascara has not fully replaced my beloved L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess but it may be a close second.  I find the formula decently volumizing and impressively lengthening.  The formula is buildable for an awesome dramatic look and there's no smudging all day.  

Now, I'll say upfront that this eyeliner isn't particularly long lasting and I didn't really expect it be when purchasing.  However, it has a great teeny tiny precision tip that I use in combination with black eyeshadow and an angled brush (see below).  Paired together, it gives me just the right winged tip.
This palette is everything.  I've been wanting it for months but the price tag kept deterring me.  I finally discovered that I had about $36 in unused Ulta Rewards Bucks and I didn't think twice about buying this.  This a rare palette in which I would wear each and every shade.  The formula is so pigmented and practically buttery soft with no fallout.  A combination of these colors have been nearly the only thing on my eyes all month long (and I don't expect that to change in November either).  

As I said, I've cut back on a heavy liquid liner these days and have been opting more for just a little accent in the outer corner of my eye using an angled brush and some black eyeshadow.  I find it's so easy to work with and I can even do it when I'm half asleep.  
NYX Cream Blush in Red Cheeks 
Don't be alarmed by this blush's vibrancy!  It shears out so beautifully and creates a warm rosy glow that lasts all day.  I've been a NYX Cream Blush fan for months now but this shade is currently top of the list.  

TheBalm Mary Loumanizer
I'm no highlighter expert and I'd go as far as to say that this is my first proper highlighter but I'd like to think I know a good thing when I see one.  This highlighter is so lovely, subtle and shear.  I do a quick sweep across each cheekbone and it provides a beautiful glimmer that catches the light whenever I move.  TheBalm knows how to do highlighters right.    
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Natural 
Not too exciting, eh?  With all the excitement I've had with my Lorac Pro Palette, I've been keeping things on my lips somewhat neutral.  This shade is a pale pinkish nude that I swipe on throughout the day.  Admittedly, it's not a SUPER long lasting formula but reapplying a few times throughout the day is no skin off my nose.  

If you're interested in any of these monthly favorites, I've also made a Pinterest board for easy access!  You can follow it here:

So what have been your favorites this month?

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  1. So many beauty products! I love this styling powder, gives an awesome effect:)) Check out my October favourites, thank you!