Friday, November 22, 2013

Casual Fall Style: #1

Fall is by far my favorite season for fashion.  I'm a HUGE fan of layering and boots and scarves are my safety blankets.  Here's a style idea I whipped up with some budget-friendly pieces.  

H&M Denim Shirt- A good denim shirt is a MUST for any wardrobe.  I have a few and I manage to wear them all year round.  They're light enough for cooler weather but still easy to layer with.  Best of all, denim shirts can easily be dressed up or down.  An absolute staple.  

H&M Slim Fit Printed Pants - These pants are certainly a departure from my usual "uniform" (black leggings) but I love the teal and black combo.  They're a great subtle print that provides interest but doesn't draw the eye directly to the legs at first glance.  

Merona Kadence Wedge Ankle Boots- LOVE these boots.  I always find a wedge easier to were than a regular heel and certainly more casual.  These are especially cute with a lace-up front and ankle cut.  Bonus, totally reasonable price at Target.

Foxy Ring- I have a gigantic ring collection, must of which are huge cocktail rings that are statement pieces.  However, sometimes a fun, small metal ring is easiest to throw on with little thought.  This fox ring is adorable and under $4.  No brainer.  

What does your casual fall style look like?  

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