Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Disney Edition

I'm the one with "Pooh" on my hat

1.  Guys my hat just says "pooh" on it.  I paid for that with my hard-earned 13 year old allowance.  Of all the hats, I decided to wear one that said "pooh."  I mean, it least it doesn't say "poo" but if the only redeeming quality about your hat is that it doesn't "poo" then it's probably still not a great hat.  

2.  In this picture we're sitting on the "People Mover" (which is now called the Tomorrowland Transit Authority I believe) and it just runs on a track through Tomorrowland and offers no particular excitement.  However, it's one of my favorite rides in the park and certainly the most relaxing.  

3.  So relaxing, in fact, that Grace was just about ready to take a snooze right there on the ride.  Apparently it had been a long day.  But the beauty is, this was back in the day of film cameras, not digital, and precious pictures like this made it to film because there was never a chance to delete it.  Think of the memories we're losing by deleting pictures!  I implore you!  We would never have pictures of little sisters seconds before napping on the People Mover.  

4.  Let's all take note of the Nano Baby hanging on a shoelace around Grace's neck.  This was primetime for Grace's Nano Baby days.  She couldn't stand to be parted from her Nano Baby for more than mere seconds! 

5.  I guess there's some solace in knowing Sara was wearing a "Dopey" hat (Pooh is still worse though).  Also, overalls.  Which seem to be making a comeback?  I'm all about it!  Shapeless jean unitards?  Sign me up! 

6.  I promptly lost those sunglasses in Tower of Terror probably one day after this photo.  

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