Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday

1.  Thumbs up guys!! I'm the super cool girl with an enthusiastic thumb up.  I resorted to a thumbs up in about 40% of my pictures from the ages of 7-9 years old.  Seemed like a timeless gesture.    

2.  I'm also the girl with her jean shorts hiked waaayyyyyy up her torso.  Like, under my armpits.  As high as I could get them apparently.  This is why I don't wear jean shorts to this day.  It's genetically impossible for me to look good in them.  If left to my own devices I'll just give myself a wedgie and tuck my t-shirt into my shorts.  

3.  We're all sporting some incredibly chic Planet Hollywood t-shirts that we got in Chicago.  Roughly 45 mins from our home.  Exotic.  Nothing like being a tourist in your own city.  

4.  Poor Grace is nothing short of just being plain ignored in this picture.  She just popped her happy little face in the frame even though we were pretty much boxing her out.  

5.  I believe this picture was taken a few minutes after swimming because we all appear to have wet hair.  Too bad because this was PRIME TIME for Sara to be rockin' her signature 'do with a classic swooped 90's bang.  She had that look perfected.  So.much.hairpspray.  

6.  You can see my toe is slliightly curled up on my left foot.  That's because I loathed the feeling of that porch on my bare feet.  I get chills just thinking of it now.  

7.  The girl in the middle is my friend Katie.  We were all friends since birth and then we had a big falling out in junior high over a Backstreet Boys concert.  Incredibly mature.  

8.  But really, who let me tuck in my shirt?     

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