Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,
       I really really really really need:

1.  Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 lens

It's for the fans really!  Better lens means better picture.  #selfless

2.  Cuisinart Food Processor

Or any food processor really.  How dare I call myself a food blogger and not have the ability to finely chop ingredients with the use of an electric gadget?  It's embarrassing really.   Also, unrelated, I NEVER spell "embarrassing" right the first time.

3.  NuMe 4-Play Curling Wand set:

This is everything.  It's just everything.  This set will make my hair look like hers.  And if all I get out of life is hair like hers, maybe I'm ok with that.  Admittedly, this costs more than I would ever really spend on a heat styling tool but that's why I'm asking for it from Santa.

4.  All the cookbooks

Just all of them.  Don't make me pick.  Ok fine, I'll pick a few:

Momofuku Milk Bar
Bouchon Bakery
Simple Food, Big Flavor
DIY Cookbook

So if I had to pick, I'd want those.  Plus all the other ones.

5.  Sigma Beauty Brush Collection

Lol, right?  $150 for makeup brushes!  But I'm creating this list with the idea that money is of no matter.  Well actually, if it were really of no matter, I'd have some Italian villa on this list or my dream kitchen or an apartment in London or a beach house in Hawaii.  So, in my imaginary world, I just want things that are slightly out of reach financially so they feel conceivably achievable but sorta aren't achievable and I can always feel a little bit let down for not getting things that are slightly out of my reach.  Good strategy, eh? 

That's all I need.  These 5 things plus a vacation and a spa day and someone whose willing to pay me to blog and bake all day.  K, thanks Santa!  

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