Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Photo-a-Day Recap, Week 2

Working clockwise from top left corner

11/11 Night:  Sunday night is all about facials.  Cheap facials, to be specific.  Those bottles cost about $4 at Ulta.  Part of me is concerned that I'm poisoning my skin with cheap chemicals but another part of me really likes Sunday night facials.  In fact, I have one on right now.  It burns a little.  But in a good way?  Ok, it's borderline painful.  But in a good way?  

11/12 Drink: Look how sassy and cosmopolitan I am!  Just sippin' on some Pinot on a Monday night.  In the interest of being totally truthful, this could have possibly been the ONLY Monday night in the last year that I wasn't in pajamas and watching Dancing With The Stars by 7pm.  However, this week I was invited to a food trivia contest and not only did our team win, but I was the person to correctly supply the answer "Officer Big Mac" in response to a McDonalds questions.  It perfectly summarizes my knowledge of food.   

11/13 Where You Slept:  Well this is quite intimate.  Now you know what my throw pillows look like.  And if I wear a millionaire, every surface of my home would be covered in throw pillows.  I say millionaire because throw pillows are generally expensive for no reason.  It's fabric and stuffing, what's the big deal?  But I love them.  So my mansion would be full of them.  Also, I would make a trampoline room.  

11/14 Man Made:  Duh!  What did you expect?  It's a galette because I'm obsessed with them lately.  Quick and easy and deceivingly fancy.  

11/15 In My Bag:  Game of Thrones (obvi and omgitsgettingsogood), oatmeal that I didn't eat because it was bagel day at work and I can never eat enough bagels in life, and a disgusting brown banana that made my whole bag smell like banana and I hated it so much.  

11/16 View From My Window:  Scenic, no?  A brown building.  This view is slightly angled up because if I'd snapped a photo directly ahead, I'd get arrested for invasion of privacy since I'm roughly 20 ft from my neighbor's window.  He watches a lot of South Park.  

11/17 Last Thing You Bought: Dollar Store shopping spree!!  I've recently rediscovered the Dollar Store.  Growing up, we went to the Dollar Store with my Grandma like it was our job.  And last week, I decided to check one out again and then walked out $16 poorer.  There's just SO MUCH stuff for Pinterest crafts.  You just wait and see because I'll be posting soon.    

Week 2 down!  By the end of the month, you'll know my deepest darkest secrets.    

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