Friday, November 16, 2012

Just Sayin'

I own this kitchen scale:

And I bought it here.  Annndddd it's on sale again for the next 6 days.  

Listen, I know I may not be an "influential thinker" in the blogging community (YET.  You just wait) but if anyone is interested in my review, here ya' go:  

This is the first food scale I've owned.  I bought it because 1.)  It was on sale and 2.) I knew any decent baker should have one, apparently?  After a mediocre attempt at homemade bagels, I was convinced that measuring, not weighing, the flour is what did me in.  And someday, when I get the guts to attempt some French Macarons, I know that a scale is totally essential.  

I still haven't attempted bagels again (I'm seeking therapy for the traumatic experience), but I have used this scale to weigh cookie dough for chocolate chip cookies (recipe coming soon).  The scale itself is lightweight, small, and easy to store.  I found that the Power button is a bit sensitive and it can turn on and off with the slightest touch.  However, it weighs reliably and for basic, somewhat infrequent use, it gets the job done.   

Being that this was my first scale purchase and I was unsure about how often I'd really make use of it, I'm pleased with the price and quality.  If you're an aggressive macaron maker (I'd really love to see someone making macarons aggressively), or you see yourself using the scale daily, you may want to consider other models.  While this scale has never broken or malfunctioned for me, I'm still unsure about it's longterm durability.  

However, if you're like me and you occasionally weigh some cookie dough and make mediocre bagels, I'd recommend this as an inexpensive option.  

This is not a paid advertisement because why in the heck would someone pay me to advertise?  

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