Thursday, January 1, 2015

I resolve...

Here we are again.  Is there anything else to be said besides"whoa"?  The year is over.  It's almost 2015.  That's like the future guys.  Where are the flying cars?  Back To The Future II lied to me.  Not cool Marty McFly.

2014 was a huge year for me.  I got married.  Both my sisters got engaged.  And one of them even got married this year too.  My grandma passed away.  I went on my dream honeymoon to London.

But somehow this year also just felt like a regular ol' year to me.  And I don't mean that those events weren't momentous and life changing.  They were.  They so were.  But they were just sandwiched between life.  Day-to-day, gotta-get-to-work, need-more-groceries, going-to-the-movies, are-we-out-of-toliet-paper, I-burned-the-cookies, kind of days.  Normal stuff.

The older I get though, the more comfort I find in realizations like that.  Yes, life can be huge and overwhelming and scary.  And yes, life can be normal and boring and mundane.  But in the end, I'm more resilient than I think I am and wadda'ya know, here I am relaxing on my couch reflecting on a big year and feeling hopeful for the year ahead.

So that brings me to the main event.  Resolutions.  Or mantras.  Or goals.  Or whatever.  Here's where my mind is at for 2015:

1.  Feed my body well- Well let's just get the standard one out of the way first.  Yes, I'm that person.  This resolution is on my list.  I'm not setting any goals on numbers or deciding on any strict lifestyles.  I'm just making a concerted effort to feed my body so that I feel nourished.  Sometimes that means hearty smoothies or soups.  Sometimes that means runny eggs and mushed avocado.  And sometimes that just means cheese fries damnit.

2.  Cook more- It should be evident that I'm an avid baker (otherwise this blog is really on the wrong tracks) but I've always had an interest in cooking too.  For most of my 20's though, I worked weird hours or lived with roommates or alone so getting the chance to really practice in the kitchen was tough.  Since living with my husband, I've been loving the opportunity to try new things and build new skills.  In 2015 I want to develop my cooking intuition and have a better understanding of flavors.

3. Move More: I'm basically a professional walker at this point so I know I do a good job of moving all year long (well, except when it's -2 degrees) but I'd like to focus more on strength training and yoga.  I don't feel as strong as I used to and I hate that.  I think a really easy way to get motivated is to get in the habit of using my FitBit again.  I was obsessed over the summer but it lost it's magic a bit when the weather got cold.  

4.  Learn Spanish-  Ok, so maybe I've had this resolution before.  In fact, I've mostly had all of these resolutions before but I digress.  I desperately want to learn Spanish and enough is enough.  There are plenty of resources available and now it's just a matter of staying motivated.  No problemo, si?  

5.  Become a clean freak- Ok, I'm actually a mostly tidy person aside from the odd habit or two (like leaving half full cups of water on literally every surface) but I tend to accumulate a lot of clutter.  Tidy clutter, but clutter.  I had a massive closet cleanout a few months back and I felt like a new person!  I want to make an effort to have mini cleanout projects every month or so to toss the stuff I really don't use.  

So what are your New Year's resolutions?

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