Monday, January 12, 2015

3 Step Easy Hombre Lip

easy ombre lips, how to ombre lips
Am I two years too late to this whole ombre trend?  Yes probably.  But guess what?  Don't care.  

Listen, what I'm about to tell you ain't no rocket science. In fact, you're probably already doing a version of this now without quite realizing it.  So this is really just an amped up version of something we've all been doing for awhile.  

easy ombre lips, how to ombre lips
Ok so let's start with colors.  These colors and formulas aren't a must.  It's the approach and technique that matters here.  So when I think of an ombre lip, I think of 3 colors, with dark fading into light.  There are a couple different ways to make this happen and I'm going with the easiest, naturally.  So first choose 3 colors, each in the same color family: one dark, one medium, and one light.  Here are my choices:  

{Dark} Revlon Matte Balm Stain in Shameless- This is a deep plumy purple that still blends well with other colors so it's perfect for the darkest shade.  It can be intimidating to wear as a full lip so using this as part of an ombre lip can be much more approachable.  

{Medium} The Body Shop Color Crush in 230 - This is a gorgeous muted neon pink with cool purple tones and it's one of my favorites to wear in summer.  It pairs well with the Revlon Balm Shade since they're very much in the same color family.  This is another great formula that goes on super smooth and easily blends out.  

{Light} Maybelline Color Elixir in Polished Petal - I chose a gloss for my light shade though you don't have to.  I'm just a gloss girl through and though so I needed a little shine to finish off the look.  This is a well-pigmented baby pink, but still with cool undertones, so it easily fits on the same family as my medium and dark shades.  You can certainly choose a matte formula here for a bolder look and I think Revlon's Super Lustrous in Pink Pout would be perfect.  
easy ombre lips, how to ombre lips
The Approach: this is so easy it's embarrassing.  No fidgeting with lip liners, no concealing the lips- it's ombre lips for dummies (me).  

Step 1:  Take your darkest shade and apply to this lips as normal except avoid the center of the top and bottom lip (see first picture).  Don't worry about perfection here since this will blend easily with the other shades.  Take a little extra care to build up the darkness in the very outer corners of the lips. 

Step 2:  Take your medium shade and fill in the center gap you created with the dark shade.  The act of applying the color should pretty easily blend the two together but if you're having trouble, jus tap lightly with your finger to help blend the shades.  

Step 3: Take your lightest shade and just dab right in the center of your lips.  I actually only applied this to the bottom lip since I think that looks best with my lip shape but do what you think works for you.  This shade is really just acting like a light beam to the lips to help make them look pouty and full.  In fact, even if you don't have time for the whole ombre look, a dab of light gloss in the center of the lips will always make lips look plump.  

And there you have it.  You're chic now!  This would look fantastic with red tones and I can't wait to try it with some peachy oranges in summer.  

Will you try the ombre look?

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