Monday, December 8, 2014

Makeup For: The Hungover

I wonder how many times I can start a post this month with the phrase "Tis the season for...." ?  Ok let's give it a try:

Tis the season for holiday parties and holiday parties mean holiday cocktails and holiday cocktails mean holiday regrets and hangovers like "Oh my god what have I done to myself and I think I need a gatorade.  No wait, a coffee.  No wait, a diet coke.  No wait, a doctor.  No wait, all of the above and some carbs."  

If you're lucky, you have no where to be and you can lounge at home in pajamas and eat your weight in greasy food and watch a Friends marathon.  In that case, don't look in the mirror all day.  Don't brush your hair.  Don't leave the house.  It's for the best.  
But if you're a poor soul who's got somewhere to be and you need to look like a human person, I've got some makeup suggestions that should help.  Here's what I'd reach for:

Yes to Tomatoes Moisturizer- First and foremost, you need some moisture in every way possible.  Slather some of this on your face and wait about 30 seconds before moving on.  This stuff is nourishing but not greasy so it's perfect for daytime.  

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation- This foundation is really no-fuss and it's generally one that I reach for every weekend when I just want to slap on a base on be on my way.  You can even use your fingers for this if you can't muster the strength to use a brush.  You'll be done in 20 seconds flat.  

Tarte Gifted Mascara: Don't even fuss with eyeshadow.  Who are you kidding?  You don't have the strength for eyeshadow.  Instead, just reach for an impactful mascara.  I love Tarte's Gifted mascara because it's super black and buildable so it can stand on it's own and still define the eye.  

The Body Shop Lightening Touch- The biggest sign of a night of partying and little sleep (on me, at least) is dark circles under the eyes.  Focus a little attention on your under eyes and use a correcting and brightening product.  I like The Body Shop's Lightening Touch because it has decent coverage and a yellow tint to counteract any blue tones undereye.  

The Body Shop Macaroon Blush- I often find that a brightening blush is the key to looking perky and bright.  It can really wake up the face.  This Body Shop blush is a lovely bright peachy pink that isn't fussy to apply but makes an impact.  

Rosebud Salve-  In my opinion, now isn't the time to fuss with lip gloss or lip stick.  Save that for a day when you don't want to take 20 naps and eat half a pizza.  Instead, use a very moisturizing lip balm that leaves a little shine so people don't mistake you for the dead.  Rosebud Lip Salve is perfect.  
And that's the closest to human you're gonna look.  I think we did a good job.  You're likely suitable for public viewing now.  Congrats!  

What are your no-fail items for when you've made some mistakes the night before?
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