Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY Paint Splatter Mugs

Simple and quick DIY Paint Mugs using nail polish, water and mugs!
These adorable mugs are just as much science experiment as they are craft.   Nail polish and water do some crazy things together.  These two mugs were my first go at this craft and I loved the result.  It's SO easy to customize these colors or to make a lot (like a whole set) at once.  Such a fun and simple gift too.  

Here's what you need:

  • mugs (or plates, saucers, etc)
  • large bowl of hot water (one for each color or replaced after color is used)
  • nail polish of your choice
  • plastic spoon
  • Q tips or cotton buds
  • nail polish remover
A quick note: For the bowl and spoon, you're likely to get nail polish on these and it may be difficult to get off.  I used disposable items for this (i.e. an old Cool Whip container) that I didn't mind tossing out when I was done. 

For the mugs, I went to my local Thrift Store and found some mugs for $0.35 apiece.  This craft cost me no more than $0.70 total!   

Simple and quick DIY Paint Mugs using nail polish, water and mugs!
And here's what to do:
  1. With your large bowl of hot water prepared, begin dropping one color of nail polish into the water.  Use the spoon to swirl the color into the water.
  2. Gently dip a mug into the water and the nail polish should immediately begin clinging to the mug.  Try avoid the top 1" of the mug where you would place your lips when drinking.  Keep dipping until you're happy with the effect.  
  3. If desired, use the Q tips and nail polish remover to clean up the colors to your liking.  I only did some minor touchups for some of the gloopy bits.  
  4. Repeat with more colors until you're happy with the result.  Allow about 10 minutes for the polish to set.  Wash gently with warm soapy water when cleaning.
And voila!  Designer mugs made just to your liking.  How very chic.  

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