Monday, December 22, 2014

A Week of Selfies

Doing my makeup in the morning is one of my favorite parts of the day (and in a close second is removing my makeup every night) and I rarely repeat the same look two days in a row.  Or so I thought (**cue dramatic music**).

My sister always teases me that my makeup looks the same every day despite my enormous makeup collection.  Of course I notice the subtle differences but does anyone else?  I decided to take a selfie every morning for a week so I could do a side by side comparison and see just how much my makeup actually varies every day.  Plus, taking selfies is fun!  (P.S. I'm thirty years old).  

The results are in!

Eyes: Well I sure do like a neutral eye huh?  I already knew that I have a brown/bronze eye addiction but I thought the variations were a little more pronounced.  Granted, my iPhone doesn't pick up all the subtleties but there's no denying that I've got a favorite look.

I've also got quite the eyeliner crutch.  Not a day goes by where I don't reach for liquid liner and that's evident here.  I generally switch up the colors (black, navy blue, or brown) but my approach is always the same.  This habit will be the hardest to break.  I just don't feel like myself with an inky swipe of liquid liner and you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands!

Cheeks:  I think my blush application is on point (thanks Real Techniques Stippling Brush!) but I think my color choices are pretty safe overall.  I've got a few brighter colors in my collection but I don't reach for them too frequently since I'm always worried about using a heavy hand.  But I had a go at a bright pink blush this weekend and I'm definitely willing to experiment more.  

Lips:  Given that I work in an office (albeit a very laid back office) I still feel hesitant to get too crazy with my lips.  However, I think I do pretty good job of mixing things up!  Lipstick is definitely one of my favorite items to chose every morning so I try to reach for something different daily.  I think I can stand to inject a little more variety into my lip repertoire but overall, I'm pleased.  

Some takeaways:  I'm definitely in possession of a massive makeup collection that could stand to get a bit more use.  I think I'll spend the next few weeks tip-toeing out of my comfort zone a bit or just giving away the things I never wear.  

Are you up for the selfie challenge?

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